In 2006, Ricardo Morales Sr. chose to follow his dreams and pursue a passion which long-ran through the veins of his family. Raised by a dedicated and hardworking carpenter, Ricardo Sr. envisioned a design and fabrication company that could push the industry forward by creating extraordinary, creative, and impeccably beautiful woodwork. Esteban and Ricardo Morales, Jr. have continued their father's legacy. Working together, they decided to bring in new challenges and explore other areas such as metal fabrication, powder coating, thermofoil vacuum forming, and solid surfaces. They knew that in order to accomplish such a feat, he would need to recruit a team of highly skilled workers aiming to create only the finest products. 

Please stay tuned for updates to this page as we provide you with insight to the myriad of workers, in office and on the ground, working to bring your dream designs to fruition.